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Lisa Farago, owner of Farago Art, is a New York based dealer and consultant, specializing in art lithographs and limited edition prints from the turn-of-the-century and the art deco period. Her company’s large collection of posters features everything from works by Toulouse-Lautrec and Mucha, to French and Italian travel posters, along with some rare works from Australia and Hungary. 

Travelling worldwide to purchase the most interesting and sought-after works, Ms Farago is a well-respected and frequent buyer at the many fairs and exhibitions specializing in poster art.

The prices of posters have risen steadily over the last two decades as the public’s passion for them has made them one of the most collectible art forms. In today’s market, posters can range anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars for a masterpiece by Lautrec to a couple of hundred dollars for a more collectible contemporary work.

Poster art, as we know it today, originated at the end of the 19th Century, when the best artists of the day recognized the poster form, with its intermingling of words and images, as a rich canvas for their creations. The influence of this period has resonated with subsequent generations of poster artists, who have continued to use the medium as a vital expression of their ideas and artistic abilities.

Fluent in French and Spanish, Ms. Farago is a native of Australia, where she graduated from Sydney University. Farago Art is listed in Armand Israel’s “Guide International des Experts et Specialistes”, an indispensable reference for appraisers and collectors alike. In her capacity as art advisor and poster consultant, Ms. Farago has recently appeared on the popular Discovery Channel Program “Lynette Jennings Design” when she discussed what to look for when investing in poster art.